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Coaching for living the business of your life!

Do you want to: 

  • Move from confusion and struggle to clarity and ease?
  • Shift out of worry and frustration and into confidence and peace?
  • Find your true voice for more decisiveness and direction?
  • Create a strong vision for your work and personal life that inspires you to take strong actions every day?
  • Inspire your team to higher levels of productivity (or inspire them to follow you into a burning building)?
  • Let go of fear and uncertainty and embrace your work and life?

All of these results have been achieved by clients who learned how to program their internalGPS and then followed through on their actions. If you are ready for any or all of these results and you are committed to doing the work, then follow the link below that best fits who you are: 

I am a busniness manager interested in how I can inspire my team for more productivity and/or in creating more work/life balance.

I am someone who feels a little lost on which way to go next in my career or life and I want to find my way to living a bigger and more fulfilling personal and work-life.

I am a  project team leader or team member interested in how I can guide my team for more collaboration and to reach bigger goals.

I want to learn more through a workshop to expand my or my team’s performance to higher levels.

I am interested in learning more about supply chain or leadhership or team faciliation expertise via consulting from internalGPS

I want Paula Shoup to speak to my group about internalGPS

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Paula Shoup is the founder of internalGPS®

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