Group Coaching

internalGPS® Group Coaching

  • Deepening the tools learned in the The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ workshops for more courage, connection and compassion
  • Expanding your capacity for courage and self-compassion by learning new resources that complement the work done in the workshops
  • Connection with other souls who “get it” and are daring greatly:
    • Supportive group for inspiration to go into your arenas and dare more
    • Empathetic listening to continue to rise strong
    • Learning and growing self-compassion through group coaching and listening to each others’ experiences

The Group will be limited to eight prior participants of one of the The Daring Way™ or Rising Strong™ workshops; reserve your spot today!

Resources available exclusively to this group will include:

  • Tools and Articles from other authors that compliment this work for more deepening and expansion of learning
  • Electronic copies of the tools (not all of them) from both workshops to be used personally (only certified facilitators, CDWF designation, can distribute or copy for others)
  • Recordings of all the group calls – Only the initial tool review portion (not the personal sharing)
  • Future plans: exclusive videos, possibly pod casts

Contact me to reserve your spot