Create Stronger Negotiation Results

  • Learn the key steps to create a proactive negotiation plan for better outcomes with your suppliers
  • How to communicate with poise and competence for more impact
  • How to minimize obstacles in your supplier interactions and negotiations
  • Creating more options to open up possibilities
  • Build stronger long term relationships that positively impact the bottom line for many years

Improve Your Suppliers/Vendors/Service Providers

  • Solve complex business problems with suppliers while improving the business relationship.
  • Analyze your supplier base and create a plan for improved bottom-line savings.
  • Create process for optimized supplier selection.
  • Risk analysis of supply base.
  • Performance management of suppliers.
  • Implement processes to consolidate supply base for reduced costs
  • Analyze and systematize indirect spend (i.e. consultants, services).

Improve Team Communication for Stronger Results

  • Learn the styles of communication that will shift your team to higher performance
  • Understand how to build more trust for more better team effectiveness
  • Learn the coaching tools of powerful questions, listening with presence and speaking on purpose

Optimizing Your Teams for Performance

  • Create business vision, mission and goals to align your team and grow your business
  • Facilitation of team processes for more effective results that impact the bottom line and grow your business.
  • Create team metrics and performance plans.

Program Management with Customers

  • Create processes for exceptional management of complex projects with customers.
  • Establish a communication process with your customers to build strong long term relationships for more referrals and growing your business.

Expanding Your Team

  • Create behavioral interview questions and matrix for hiring.
  • Interviewing of Applicant for behavioral screening

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