internalGPS® Executive Coach: Letting Go & Building the New!

My brain so easily goes to what is wrong, what didn’t happen, what I didn’t do, what I don’t have…Even after learning that this is a natural neurological “downward spiral” that the brain/mind is prone to do I can’t stop it nor my frustration with myself that I am doing it again.

It is better. Better than last month and even better than last year.

And I let go. I let go of unrealistic expectations that I should be able to eliminate it completely, that I should be better since I know better, that I should have done that or completed this by now.

This letting go is key. If I don’t do it intentionally then it keeps me from moving forward, it keeps me stuck.

I’m focused on letting go of the “shoulds” that come up in my internalGPS® and the comparisons with others too, only comparing with where I am to where I was and where I want to be.

After intentionally noticing and then letting go of the spiral, I replace it with what I want (or ask myself what I want if it’s not clear).

The quote by Socrates inspired this mantra that I’m using to replace my mind’s downward spiral when it pops up:

I am focused and energized on building the new!

Here’s to letting go of the fight and building the new for you!

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