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It’s hard to believe that the second quarter of 2017 has started, I’m amazed. The first quarter went fast. Lately I’ve been busy with a long to-do list that sometimes wakes me up around 3AM; I know I’m not alone in this swirling of items to be done invading my sleep, right? I’m grateful that I can now minimize my time awake by : 1. Thanking my mind for the reminder with a smile and/or 2. I write it down on a piece of paper I keep on my bedside table and then go back to sleep. It works. Most of the time. If I resist and start getting frustrated then I stay awake, it is a powerful shift from resisting and frustration to gratitude and relaxing.

Did you pick a word for 2017? My word is E X P A N S I O N. Here are a few things I’m expanding upon that are making my time fly:

  • More writing right here and other places too.
  • Raising my professional coach certification level with the International Coach Federation (from ACC to PCC). I debated about whether to expand this and decided the ROI was positive enough to invest my time and money in completing a couple classes at Coach U, hiring a mentor coach, and preparing to take a few written and verbal tests (later this summer). Already I’m seeing results from the powerful work with my mentor coach and I’m thrilled.
  • Regularly holding Rising Strong™ workshops that enable others to transform their lives for more courage and resilience. Regularly facilitating this curriculum keeps me true to myself in courageously living my values. It is sometime really tough and always worth it. The next workshop is on May 20th, click HERE to check it out. If you’ve been watching my offering of this for awhile this may be your perfect time to participate!
  • Expanded focus on the continuous improvement of my business, initially I’m doing this through a focused brand strategy process that is amazing. Stay tuned for how this shows up here and in other places…

And to keep my energy up and sleep sound, I continue to meditate and work out regularly. I love the gym where I work out, SNJ Fitness, because it is filled with positive people and has good reminders posted on the walls. What one thing are you putting in your routine in 2017 to be successful?




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