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Speech: “Using Your internalGPS® to Be a Strong Leader”

Do you know where you are and where you are going as a Leader?  In this speech you will use your internalGPS® to navigate to stronger leadership by:

– Understanding your current location and setting a clear destination

– Navigating obstacles effectively

– Creating a  “maintenance” plan to optimize performance

– Celebrating successful arrival at your destination

Speech: “Using Your internalGPS® to Stay Positive & Productive In Difficult Times”

Does the recession get you down? Do you sometimes struggle to stay positive and focused?  Or, do innovative and creative solutions come easily to you, no matter what happens?

Do you wish you could predict the future?

In Staying Positive in Difficult Times, learn how your brain is wired to produce fear when confronted with an uncertain environment. This fear blocks your productivity and limits your creativity.

But there is good news! In Staying Positive, Paula explains how to change your brain so you can influence your environment.  She gives you the tools to actually alter the wiring in your brain.     This gives you the power to implement new processes in your business. The result? You will stay positive, more focused, and create more innovative solutions.

No one can predict the future.  But, after attending Staying Positive you won’t need to. You will have a new outlook. You will see fresh possibilities. Most important, you will navigate your business to success with less stress.

Additional Speech Topics:

Building and Growing Strong Internal and External Business Relationships

Growing, Performing, and Strengthening for Success with Less Stress

 Testimonials: (Click here to see more):

“ISM-Arizona (Institute of Supply Management) had the pleasure of having Paula be the keynote speaker at our March 2012 Dinner Meeting. Paula delivered a terrific presentation from her internalGPS™ program. The feedback from our membership was some of the highest of the year and I personally implemented many of her suggestions with my team the very next day. I highly recommend Paula Shoup as a speaker or executive coach.” – Scott Coleman, ISM President Elect, Buyer Manager, Petsmart

“Different information than I normally see at events: wonderful & interesting” “… there were real take-aways that I can use.” – Shawnna Riggers, P.L.L.C. Family Law Matters Law Offices