Clients’ Love

“Paula is an excellent facilitator. Her transparency and deep wisdom of Brené Brown’s work was so helpful in applying concepts to my own life. This course (Rising Strong™) can transform your life in a safe and open learning environment!

– Lynne Brown, PCC Executive Coach & Organizational Development Leader

“I initially met Paula as a consultant in 2012 during a retreat planning meeting for my employer. I was so impressed with her expertise, approach and energy that I instantly thought of her when I was seeking a leadership coach in 2014. Paula was incredibly effective at helping me sort through my options and tackle the things that were holding me back from success both personally and professionally.”

– Julie Binter, Organizational Development Consultant, Coach

I can honestly say that the changes we have talked about and I am working to implement have become a seamless part of my life. They feel incredibly natural – and I think that is the beauty of Paula and her methods: she finds the best in you and brings it out in a natural and effortless way. I would highly recommend Paula for any professional looking to make a change or work on their professional skills or presence. She is excellent!

 – Stephanie McVey, AICP


“This (Rising Strong™Workshop) was such a great time of remembering the importance of vulnerability for everyone, especially for leaders! Paula is a very skilled facilitator and made it easy to relax and be real.  The material is great and she did an excellent job of keeping us moving, yet not feeling rushed.  I’ll definitely do another workshop with her!”

– Gina Pollard, Coach

“I highly recommend Paula for her Facilitation and Coaching skills. She has facilitated the Financial Coach Training workshops in the capacity of consultant at United Way for almost three (3) years, sharing her knowledge of coaching competencies and skills with professionalism, compassion and a high standard of excellence. Paula has a unique method for moving participants, who coach others, to a space of introspection, self-care and positivity. She facilitates with participants to bring out their best and provide balanced participation by all while being flexible in the agenda to support the participants’ growth. Paula follows through on commitments with a high level of professional integrity.

– Cherylyn Strong, MSW, Community Impact Manager, Valley of the Sun United Way


“Paula helped my team clearly understand their different styles of communication with different interactive team activities and real life team situations. Everyone on the team felt comfortable in sharing and she kept our time focused and productive. The team is more relaxed and working very well together since Paula worked with us.”

– Susan Hendricks, Colonial Insurance Team Leader


“We have been working with an absolutely amazing business coach.   She works with a lot of business owners via phone or in person to help them take their business to the next level and keep them focused on task all while keeping them from getting overwhelmed.   She has been a pivotal part of the success that we have had with our business. She is also helping us create goals in a team setting with our staff and the process has lead to some great advances for us. Call her today if you want to take your business to the next level.” – P.L. & T.H.  Owners/Partners Financial Advisor Firm


We would like to express our appreciation for the service you provide through internalGPS. With your help, we were able to gain insights into what areas we want to focus on in our business and how to develop a game plan to achieve the results we’re looking for.  Additionally, the DISC workshops were fun and enlightening. Every employee who participated stated they enjoyed it very much and thanked us for the opportunity to participate. You are very pleasant and enjoyable to work with. I’m sure we will be contacting you in the future. We would highly recommend you and your company. – Marsha & Roger Malin, Owners of Future Test, Inc.


“Paula has helped me work through the process to understand who I really am. Such a simple question, but one that has been very hard for me to answer. I always got stuck on, “Well, I am an engineer” and would run into a brick wall beyond that statement. Paula helped me move over that brick wall to get to the real answers of what I love doing and what I am good at. I have recently started a program she teaches, called Empowered 10 (mPWR10). I have always wanted to “journal”; I have even made special trips to the store to buy pretty journals and new pens but never get much further than writing down the date. This simple to use template paired with positive psychology, has really helped me focus on the 2 things I need to do each day to move forward. Which reminds me…. It is time to take 10 minutes to write in my journal today. – Virginia Connolly, Program Manager & Master Black-belt at Medtronic, Inc.


“Paula is fantastic at  focusing me on exactly what I need to do next. Her calm and warm style encourages me to open up so we can address potential blocks.  The increased clarity and direction boosted me to the next level in my business.” – Kimberly Amadeo, President/Entrepreneur  World Money Watch, LLC


Working with Paula helped me create clarity and focus in my life. What I realized from our coaching sessions was that I had WAY too many things on my plate. As a small business owner, soon-to-be mom, and student, I know I was not unlike many other people. Paula helped me prioritize what objectives were most important in my life and gave me the tools to stay on track. I am grateful for the focus she provided and for helping me better identify which endeavors  deserve my time and energy vs. those that do not.” – Josephine Morris, Business Owner


“My work with Paula as my coach was the most beneficial part of my Global Career Development course. She gave me a valuable outside perspective on things and helped me think things through in a way that I could not do on my own.” – Cara Coleman, Arizona State University Student


“ISM-Arizona (Institute of Supply Management) had the pleasure of having Paula be the keynote speaker at our March 2012 Dinner Meeting. Paula delivered a terrific presentation from her internalGPS™ program. The feedback from our membership was some of the highest of the year and I personally implemented many of her suggestions with my team the very next day. I highly recommend Paula Shoup as a speaker or executive coach.” – Scott Coleman, ISM President Elect, Buyer Manager, Petsmart

“Paula’s corporate buyer experience is invaluable. She is engaging and informative and gives lots of specific action steps for us to follow. I’m inspired.” – Debra Exner, Institute of Management Consulting (IMC) Conference attendee

“Different information than I normally see at events: wonderful & interesting” “… there were real take-aways that I can use.” – Shawnna Riggers, P.L.L.C. Family Law Matters Law Offices

“Clear and applicable to business and life.” “(I will implement the ideas of) Stopping the spiral and getting specific with goals.” – Nancy Banner, Owner/Chef of The Holistic Kitchen

“It is my pleasure to highly recommend Paula Shoup as Professional Speaker. She gave an engaging and interactive speech that was discussed by our members for weeks following our chapter meetings.
Paula was a pleasure to work with; she was well prepared and followed through promptly and professionally with all communications in preparation for the meetings. Her speech was tailored to fit our PMI audience. She included specific project leadership language and examples that were well understood and memorable. The energy in the room was very positive and the feedback from our membership was very favorable.
You will be happy that you hired Paula Shoup as a Professional Speaker. She will give you a memorable and engaging speech that is customized to fit your needs and she will be a pleasure to work with.”- Sheri Buschlen, PMP  AVP of Programs, PMI Phoenix Chapter

“It was informative and fun!” – Judy Burgess, Project Management Institute

“Paula had great energy!” – Audrey Marquez, Project Management Institute

“Paula was energetic and accurate.  Engaging and clear on a very important and critical topic (Project Leadership)”- Andy Goodson, Project Management Institute

“Great presentation.  The active part is good!” – Cesar Vasquez-Carrera, Project Management Institute

“I would like to thank Paula for such a lovely evening.  She gave us some wonderful things to think about, some things to really to ponder as we walk away tonight and I am very grateful for the experience.”- Lynn A. Monkelien, Vice President, Learning & Management & Talent Development, Avnet, Inc.

“Paula did a great job, she gave us some really great tips and wonderful things for me to think about.  I really enjoyed your  presentation and will definitely use the tips!” – Heidi Elliott, Director, Marketing Communications, Avnet, Inc.

“Your content was perfect for the current economic and social environment we are experiencing and the key points are simple, effective, and valuable to practice at all times.”- Claudian Morgan, Recruiter, On Semiconductor, Inc.

“Structure of the the notesheet made it very easy to take notes and keep up with the presentation.  Good job in getting the group participating.”- Sam Grahm, Project Management Institute

“Engaging, clear and concise.” – Alise Kraus, Project Management Institute

“Paula’s presentation style is very pleasant.  (Her) expressive action and not just words made the class fun and will help with remembering.”- Sandy Bialik, Project Management Institute

“It was informative; Paula was an engaging speaker and kept people involved.”- A.M., Project Management Institute

“The references to resources was great.  Don’t see that much (ever) from speakers.” – Jack Bialik, Project Management Institute


“I worked for several years with Paula Shoup when she was the Supply Chain Director at Medtronic.  My company supplies high technology products to Medtronic for implantable life support applications.  Medtronic is in a unique business, and places very high expectations on their suppliers.  During her tenure, Paula managed to communicate those expectations to us in a clear, professional and positive manner.  She gained my respect for her ability to manage the relationship between our companies so that both parties were successful.” – B.F. Vice President & General Manager, AVX, Inc.